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Pork -         Locally sourced & used to make our sausages & home dry cured bacon.

As geese are seasonal birds they are only available fresh for Christmas and New Year or from the freezer for the rest of the year.

Our free-range geese can be heard from far and wide, chattering away day and night as they graze on grass and home-grown wheat. They arrive as day-old goslings in May and are a slow-growing breed which begin to go outside at a few weeks old; quite a spectacular sight along Ringinglow Road! They are brought into a straw filled barn at night (to protect from predators), gently herded by our sheepdog Tag, and are fed on home grown wheat, no additives or growth promoters.

After a happy life it's no wonder our geese are unmatched in taste, something which is helped by hanging the birds for up to 10 days to mature. Our geese are presented oven ready, usual weight range is between 10 to 14 lbs. A rich, deep flavoured meat, goose is an increasingly popular alternative to turkey at Christmas. 

The goose and giblets require refrigerating separately  after purchase.

If you require a goose for another occasion such as New Year,it may be frozen with no adverse effect on the product.

We usually have freezer space available to allow you to collect your goose for use after Christmas. 

 Firs Farm barn reared turkeys aren't just any old turkey. They have a happy comfortable life and that means our turkeys are some of the tastiest you'll find. 
Our turkeys are reared on the farm. They live a  happy, warm comfortable life in straw bedded barns  as the weather conditions at Firs Farm can be too extreme to rear a tasty well finished turkey suitable for your Christmas dinner. These are also hung to mature for around a week to produce a tender flavoursome bird.

They are sold oven ready, with giblets, in weight ranges from around 10lbs (4.5kg) to 20lbs (9kg) or more .

The turkey and giblets should be refrigerated seperately after purchase.

​Beef & Lamb


Locally sourced  free range eggs - Elliotts Eggs from East Yorkshire. 


Free range chicken from Soanes Poultry on the  Yorkshire Wolds . . As with all our produce there is full traceability to farm of production.

As seen on TV - James Martins Saturday Morning program with great reviews by his guests.

Email: ambattye@btinternet.com                         Tel: 0114 2301169


We have a flock of 500 breeding sheep, the lambs are born between  February April and are reared in the fields around Firs Farm. Fresh lamb every week in the farm shop and half lambs for your freezer.

We have a herd of beef cattle, which also graze the pastures around the farm, mainly on land only suitable for grazing livestock, they are brought indoors during the winter months. They are fed on our home grown oats, wheat and barley. Calves are born throughout the year to our Aberdeen Angus bull. Not just any beef - the best Firs Farm beef! All cuts available, any special requests please ask!   #sustainability  #home reared

Free Range Chicken

 We sell locally grown potatoes in bags from 2.5kg, 5kg, 12.5kg and 25kg.

Local Free-Range Eggs

Steak pies & Pasties - Locally made in Sheffield by Kevins Pies, using our home reared beef.                                                                                  


​​​If you care about where your food comes from, and want products with full traceability from field to fork then we're here for you! 

Our own Aberdeen Angus beef & lamb, Steak pies & Pasties made with our own beef.Yorkshire Free range chicken from Soanes poultry, and locally sourced pork which we make into sausages & dry cured bacon. 

Potatoes & eggs sourced from local farms.

Pickles, jams & sauces made from fruit & veg on a smallholding at Pilsley.

Ringinglow Honey.

Ome Made seasonings  - for chicken & lamb

Best of all it all tastes great!

"​Traceability &  sustainability "

​" Great quality & good value!"