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Home bred Aberdeen Angus beef - Full traceability, grass fed  and fed some of our home grown- low food miles- competitively priced - freezer packs will be available.

Here's a taste of what we'll have on offer

Casserole beef  - 500g packs

Shin beef - 500g packs

Minced beef - 500g packs

Rolled brisket joints

Home made beef burgers


Sirloin joints & steaks

Rump steaks & joints

Braising steak   - 500g packs

Fillet steaks

Topside &  silverside joints

If there's something in particular you wish to order please let us know.

Will be available fresh around the 17th April  ( mince & casserole packs ready before then).

After that, will be available from the freezer  (vacuum packed & labelled) 

We will also have home dry cured back and streaky bacon, and some half lambs from the freezer.

Contact  ambattye@btinternet.com to place an order & more information.