Great nourishment is surrounding us and we think it ought to be effortlessly accessible to everyone. Open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, Mr Pickles' Yorkshire Food Emporium makes shopping advantageous so you can have quality Yorkshire sustenance on your table each day of the week. 

Yorkshire nourishment is a portion of the best in the nation and it's shocking what amount is on offer. From ordinary essentials, for example, drain and bread to more extravagant treats including shimmering wine and smoked salmon, on the off chance that it's great quality and from Yorkshire, you'll see it at Mr Pickles'.

Here at Mr Pickles' Yorkshire Food Emporium, we have one straightforward point – to make the absolute best Yorkshire nourishment open to the greatest number of individuals as we can. Which is the reason we attempt to be as helpful as could be allowed. 

We know how bustling our clients are so we are open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays. 

We likewise comprehend that loads of individuals need to watch the pennies, which is the reason we attempt to stock a various scope of produce. Our butcher's counter is a reasonable case of this as we stock all the distinctive cuts of meat and our group can prescribe a quality steak to meet any financial plan. We additionally routinely complete value examination checks with two of the huge grocery stores and post the outcomes on our site. 

We put stock in being forthright with our clients at all times and we don't have faith in unique offers. Our markup is kept the same over the item go. Along these lines, if a punnet of strawberries costs us less one week, we'll pass those funds onto you. That way everybody gets a reasonable arrangement – us, the suppliers and you, the client. 

While considering whether to stock an item in Mr Pickles' Yorkshire Food Emporium, we hope to see whether it meets three imperative variables: Provenance, Quality and Taste. 

Provenance is imperative to us since we put stock in supporting the free organizations that are neighborhood to us. So we just offer nourishment and beverage that has been delivered in Yorkshire or supplied by a Yorkshire organization. 

This implies our sheep is sourced from Firs Farm on Ringinglow Road, our natural serving of mixed greens is from Sheffield Organic Growers in Norton and our milk in from Our Cow Molly in Bradfield. For ordinary essentials that are yet to be delivered in Yorkshire, for example, tea, rice and salt we offer items that are foreign made and bundled by Yorkshire organizations. 

We know how sustenance clever our clients are and we know you search for top notch nourishment, made with genuine fixings by somebody who cares. This is the reason a considerable measure of the Yorkshire sustenance we stock is high quality, including Charlie's Country Garden, Box Pizza and Tipple Tails. 

Seemingly, taste is the most essential variable of all. Our group of devoted sustenance significant others make it their business to guarantee our nourishment and beverage tastes heavenly. All new create experiences a trial before it advances onto the racks and we frequently test products to guarantee they're in tip top condition. 

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Have you ever wound up leaving a store with three tins of heated beans when you just went in for one – in light of the fact that they were on a 3 for 2 offer? 

On the other hand, have you ever needed to purchase a 500g pack of hamburger mince when you just needed 200g? 

What about that parcel of rolls that were lessened to a pound? You had no goal of purchasing them and you know you'll think twice about it, yet they were only there, inside scope and at such a decent cost! 

Irritating would it say it isn't? 

We will never attempt to 'up-offer' or urge you to purchase more than you require. 

There will be no befuddling uncommon offers or purchase one-get sans one shenanigans. 

At times we will lessen costs when stock has passed its best, however that is it… we guarantee. 

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Make the most of YOUR FOOD 

We trust that everything about nourishment ought to be a wonderful affair: the shopping, the cooking and the eating. 

We need your shopping background at Mr Pickles' Yorkshire Food Emporium to be a decent one. We pride ourselves on being neighborly, proficient and accommodating. Our clients can completely believe the quality and provenance of all the sustenance and beverage that we offer. 

Cooking needn't be a task; simply recollect that regular suppers don't need to be eatery standard. Keep it divine and cooked with affection, be it for family, companions or just you and the TV. 

Lastly, eat things that you appreciate, we live by the everything with some restraint ethos and think quality as opposed to amount.

To produce a quality product takes time.

Our geese arrive as day-old goslings to the farm in May, and are a familiar sight for those passing the farm on Ringinglow Road.

During the day they roam over field nearest the farmyard, then are brought inside each evening into their straw bedded shed over night. They are fed on cereals grown on the farm.

 Our home produced turkeys are barn reared in large bedded pens away from the cold wind and wet weather that often comes to the area in the autumn and winter, which means we have good, plump, tasty birds when Christmas arrives.

The geese and turkeys are hung to mature for 7-10 days, giving them a taste to remember.

We have customers whose families have been buying our Christmas poultry from this family for around 80 years!

Our Aberdeen Angus beef  is born and reared on the farm, fed on a little home grown corn and grazes the fields - very few food miles and full traceability. Same goes for our lamb-  thats why it tastes good and is good for the environment. 

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Firs Farm

Open saturdays 9am until 4.30pm

Home produced Aberdeen Angus beef , home produced lamb (Half, jointed & packed)

home made  pork sausages,beef burgers & lamb burgers

- All available from the freezer.

Farm shop now occupying new building in the yard.

Welcome to the website of Firs Farm, a family run farm in Ringinglow, Sheffield. Jim and Angela Battye and their family have been farming at Firs Farm for over 30 years and have built up a strong reputation for the quality of their meat and produce, supplying butchers and restaurants with their produce.

The farm consists of a flock of around 500 sheep and a suckler herd of 35 beef cows and followers. We also raise barn reared turkeys and free-range geese for the farm shop. Always endeavouring to be sustainable, we grow our own wheat, barley and oats which are fed to the cattle, sheep and poultry.

Firs Farm has plenty of offerings throughout the year; from potatoes to geese, lamb to eggs and turkeys to logs - we have a wide offering of high quality and locally sourced goods.

We are open Fridays and Saturdays 9am -6pm September to March.

On other days we are happy to serve you if we are around in the



6th June 2019

We have moved our shop into more suitable premises in a building in the yard.

Special offer for this weekend only, Lamb burgers, beef burgers & sausages - pack of any 2 for £5.

​Open Saturday 9am until 4.30pm, Sunday 9am until 1pm.