Firs Farm beef available now! Farm shop OPEN

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We are open  Saturdays 9am - 6pm September to March.

On other days we are happy to serve you if we are around in the farmyard.

Who are we?

Firs farm beef & lamb available - fresh & from the freezer.

We're open selling potatoes, beef  & lamb and much more! Egg supply a bit limited at the moment due to hens unable to keep up with demand! We'll still have some next week !!!!!!!!

Open saturdays 9am until 4.30pm -if we're in we're open other days. (Closed 4pm Sundays & closed mondays)

Shop local & few food miles- help the environment!

Orders  being taken for Firs Farm lamb-half & individual cuts.

Home produced Aberdeen Angus beef ,

Home made  pork sausages,dry cured bacon, beef burgers & lamb burgers - all available from the freezer.

Farm shop now occupying new building in the yard.

What Makes Us Different?

To produce a quality product takes time.

Our geese arrive as day-old goslings to the farm in May, and are a familiar sight for those passing the farm on Ringinglow Road.

During the day they roam over field nearest the farmyard, then are brought inside each evening into their straw bedded shed over night. They are fed on cereals grown on the farm.

 Our home produced turkeys are barn reared in large bedded pens away from the cold wind and wet weather that often comes to the area in the autumn and winter, which means we have good, plump, tasty birds when Christmas arrives.

The geese and turkeys are hung to mature for 7-10 days, giving them a taste to remember.

We have customers whose families have been buying our Christmas poultry from this family for around 80 years!

Our Aberdeen Angus beef  is born and reared on the farm, fed on a little home grown corn and grazes the fields - very few food miles and full traceability. Same goes for our lamb-  thats why it tastes good and is good for the environment. 

Email on for a Christmas order form or download here:

Opening Times

The farm shop will remain open ,please follow these guidelines

- only one person to shop - no children 

- Drive down the yard & park by the shop- please do not walk down the yard

- If another customer is here please wait in your car until we have served them

- All meat will be vaccum packed & labelled 

- You can ring or email an order  to collect -  0114 2301169

- Thank you for your support

Welcome to the website of Firs Farm, a family run farm in Ringinglow, Sheffield. Jim and Angela Battye and their family have been farming at Firs Farm for over 30 years and have built up a strong reputation for the quality of their meat and produce, supplying butchers and restaurants with their produce.

The farm consists of a flock of around 500 sheep and a suckler herd of 35 beef cows and followers. We also raise barn reared turkeys and free-range geese for the farm shop. Always endeavouring to be sustainable, we grow our own wheat, barley and oats which are fed to the cattle, sheep and poultry.

Firs Farm has plenty of offerings throughout the year; from potatoes to geese, lamb to eggs and turkeys to logs - we have a wide offering of high quality and locally sourced goods.

We are open saturdays 9am -6pm September to March.

On other days we are happy to serve you if we are around in the